Nokia N800 Essential Software

I’ve now had the N800 for two weeks and would like to share some lessons learned.

Crate Game Engine snapshot-20080406 Release

Crate Game Engine snapshot-20080406 was just released. Changes:

Nobody Understands C++: Part 3: Templates

C++ templates is a huge topic that we will not fully cover here. While we have covered templates in the past, this article will cover the very basics and the reasons why we would want to use templates.


A recent discussion with my cousin, Jon, about a self learning AI brain that could be used for automatically generating code degraded into this:

Multithreaded C++: Part 3: RAII And Threads

If boost::threads represent the C of multithreaded programming, then RAII and automatically managed threads represent the C++ of multithreaded programming. In the last article we promised that using more RAII would allow us to get this code even smaller and better to manage. Here is the result of that:

Crate Game Engine snapshot-20080330 Release

Crate Game Engine snapshot-20080330 was just released. Changes:

Nokia N800 Review

I just received my Nokia N800 two days ago and thought I would give my first impressions here.

C++ Templates: Euclid's Algorithm

A while back I was going though the first chapters of Knuth’s The Art of Computer Programming and came across Euclid’s algorithm for finding the greatest common denominator. I decided to implement the algorithm as a C++ template. Here’s the complete example.

Crate Game Engine snapshot-20080323 Release

Crate Game Engine snapshot-20080323 was just released. Changes:

Multithreaded C++: Part 2: Boost Threads

Note 2016-03-15 std::threads now have all this and more