I’ve now had the N800 for two weeks and would like to share some lessons learned.

  • First of all, upgrading to the latest version of OS2008 is critical to avoid the power on bug. (Instructions).
  • It is useful to add additional software repositories. A good list is contained at gronmayer.com
  • The maemo garage is where much of the active software development happens and a lot of good news updates are available there.
  • The main maemo site has a fairly comprehensive list of available software as well as ratings and reviews. The top rated applications are listed here.
  • Internet Tablet Talk is a forum and an invaluable resource of Nokia internet tablet information.


  1. Battle Gweled: a bejeweled clone
  2. EightyOne: implementation of sudoku
  3. PenguPop: bust a move clone
  4. ScummVM: implementation of several adventure game engines, for playing older graphical adventures
  5. DosBox: PC emulator with built in Dos implementation


  1. Canola2: blinged out media player; currently in rapid development
  2. MPlayer: versatile media player, used by Canola2 and others
  3. fmradio: allows access to the built in FM tuner
  4. video camera: take videos with the built in webcam
  5. handbrake: not an internet tablet application, but a handy one for converting video for playback; settings that worked for me: 400x240 for anamorphic videos, 448x192 for 2.35 widescreen (with automatic clipping enabled) mp4 video, aac audio and “size to X megabytes” (250-400 in my case).


  1. Rapier: simple yet functional SWORD front end for reading of bible texts
  2. FBReader: nice and flexible e-book reader; the text looks amazing on the high resolution screens of the Nokia internet tablets

Note Taking

  1. Xournal: graphical notepad with cool features like a “highlighter” and export to PDF

System Tools

  1. DiskUsage: graphically shows current disk usage for all mounted partitions
  2. becomeroot: allows you to become root from the xterm shell; install this repository to get the package.
  3. openssh: ssh client and server, ‘nuff said
  4. load applet: process list with CPU load, memory usage and the ability to kill processes


  1. maemo-mapper: nicely built road mapping software with the ability to download maps and gps tracking
  2. omweather: desktop applet with weather display
  3. skype: internet -> phone and internet -> internet calling; does not currently support the built in webcam