C++ Weekly - Ep5 Intro To ChaiScript

So You Want to Embed A Scripting Language in Your Application

Note: this article was originally written in 2005. I’m importing some missed content into my new site and this is one of those articles. Much of the information in this article is out of date, but it still has some relevance. To see my personal take on the best way to embed scripting in C++, checkout ChaiScript.

C++ Weekly - Ep1 ChaiScript_Parser Initialization Refactor

ChaiScript 6 Years Later

It’s been a little more than a year since our last update.

FizzBuzz in ChaiScript with Function Guards

I was recently reminded of the old FizzBuzz programming test and thought I would share a version of it for ChaiScript. ChaiScript has a possibly little used feature that allows you to execute a ‘guard’ or test before the function is executed, to see if it matches certain criteria. We can take advantage of this to generate rather readable version of FizzBuzz.

Adding std::future support to ChaiScript

Yesterday I decided to look into adding std::future support to ChaiScript. To be fair future is the return value of several other higher level threading constructs, so we don’t want just “std::future,” we want enough support to make it usable.

ChaiScript (almost) 5 Years Later

July 13, 2009 Reddit covered Release 1.0 of ChaiScript. Many things changed in the last 5 years. Features added, dependencies removed, and performance increased. With all of the changes, we decided it was time to provide a 5 year retrospective and give the world a second first-look at ChaiScript.

New ChaiScript Releases

We are proud to announce two new ChaiScript releases: ChaiScript 4.0.0

Understanding the ChaiScript clone Function

In ChaiScript variable assignments create a copy of the object being assigned.

ChaiDraw: Programming Toy and Chaiscript Use Case

I have been working for the past few weeks on ChaiDraw. ChaiDraw is an application that’s both meant as an educational toy and as a showcase for how to effectively use ChaiScript in your application.

ChaiScript Performance Updates

ChaiScript is a trivially easy to use scripting language designed for integration with C++. I have been working on it with Jon for the past several months now, and we have reached the point of doing performance optimizations and minor bug fixes.

ChaiScript: Easy C++ Scripting

Jon and I released the first release of ChaiScript earlier today. ChaiScript is designed to make it trivially easy to use scripting in your C++ application and to expose your C++ to the scripting system.