Multithreaded C++: Part 4: Futures and Other Thread Handlers

We’ve covered the “Assembly Language”, “C” and “C++” of the C++ threading world, and now we are going to try and move beyond that.

Multithreaded C++: Part 3: RAII And Threads

If boost::threads represent the C of multithreaded programming, then RAII and automatically managed threads represent the C++ of multithreaded programming. In the last article we promised that using more RAII would allow us to get this code even smaller and better to manage. Here is the result of that:

Multithreaded C++: Part 2: Boost Threads

Note 2016-03-15 std::threads now have all this and more

Multithreaded C++: Part 1: Pthreads

Note that some of the details on volatile are out of date now - 2016-03-15