I just received my Nokia N800 two days ago and thought I would give my first impressions here.

First of all the screen is amazing, as everyone says. It’s 800x480 at 4.1”. The resolution and sharpness is amazing. However, this resolution and size actually presents a downside where many UI elements (particularly website viewing) is too small. Yes, the webbrowser has a zoom option, but it’s not quite perfect; not as good as the zooming capability of the iPhone, for instance.

The wifi works flawlessly, with great reception. I have not had the chance to work with the bluetooth, as I don’t own any bluetooth devices.

The OS version mine shipped with was bit with the power on bug. With this bug the device would refuse to power on unless the battery was removed for between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on some random variable. Fortunately, Nokia fixed this bug with a new release of the OS, and I was planning to update to the OS2008 version anyhow. I had a difficult time convincing the OS to reflash, because I was trying to avoid turning the device off, so I used a command line tool to do a soft reboot and enter flash mode.

Overall the software is very good. A great source for finding new software repositories is: here. The only disappointing aspect right now is that Skype does not currently support the webcam, but supposedly Skype is working on that.

The keyboard entry has a very good adaptive predictive entry mechanism. It’s proven to be very helpful.

At $230 from buy.com (don’t forget to search for a coupon!) I would highly recommend this, but you need to be aware to expect to reflash the device soon after getting it and that it is slightly too big to pocket, it’s more like a back-pack device.