The Da Vinci Code

Disclaimer: I have not read the book and currently do not plan to see the movie Focus on the Family has part 1 of 2 of a series on The Da Vinci Code on their website right now. This is one of those times where how you feel about Focus on the Family doesn’t matter.

Federal judge strikes part of state's campaign finance laws

Amazon Shipping Quality

I recently ordered a book from with the free Super Saver Shipping (TM, I’m sure) on April 21. Shortly after placing the order my wife tells me that her friends have complained that it is taking Amazon MUCH longer than it used to to process orders. I’m thinking “that’s OK, I’m still saving $10 by ordering it.” Well, the order was processed and shipped on April 26, which seemed like a fairly long time, but could be worse. Then I notice that the estimated arrival date is May 2 - May 4, shipping via USPS. I’m thinking, “Now THAT’s ridiculous!” Fortunately, I did receive the book on April 29, cause the USPS is bad, but not THAT bad. So, why am I blogging about this? Two reasons.

Wiki Site Spam

Well, I just realized that was FULL of comments (something > 550) that where nothing but spam. I got it cleaned out and added the bad-behavior script using the tips from this website. Hopefully it will work…

New Unconstitutional Section

I’ve started a new section of my site where I will be logging news bits about “unconstitutional” things. People who claim an action is unconstitutional, judges who rule that something is unconstitutional… Maybe even commenting on it sometimes.

Homeless arrests in L.A. ruled unconstitutional

Court: Homeland Security Department trial rule unconstitutional

The Brick Testament

You have to see this to believe it. The Brick Testament.

Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

Well, it only took about 250 miles of driving for me to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road. It’s pretty much the same as driving on the right side, but backward. That’s probably the same for Brits who move to the US too. One of the biggest things for me was getting used to steering with my right arm while shifting with the left. My right arm wanted to tire faster, since it wasn’t used to it.

Trip Starts Tomorrow

We leave on our European Vacation tomorrow. We will try and keep this blog updated about our goings on, come back often and see what we are up to!