I recently ordered a book from Amazon.com with the free Super Saver Shipping (TM, I’m sure) on April 21. Shortly after placing the order my wife tells me that her friends have complained that it is taking Amazon MUCH longer than it used to to process orders. I’m thinking “that’s OK, I’m still saving $10 by ordering it.” Well, the order was processed and shipped on April 26, which seemed like a fairly long time, but could be worse. Then I notice that the estimated arrival date is May 2 - May 4, shipping via USPS. I’m thinking, “Now THAT’s ridiculous!” Fortunately, I did receive the book on April 29, cause the USPS is bad, but not THAT bad. So, why am I blogging about this? Two reasons.

  1. I was given a tracking number that STILL says “We’re sorry - tracking information is not currently available. Please try again later.”
  2. I think Amazon IS letting their shipping standards slip, and I think there is a reason for it.

Now, #1, I’m assuming is the USPS fault. The tracking number IS on the box, but for some reason not in the USPS tracking system. We all know the problems with the USPS, but that’s a story for another day. #2, on the other hand, I think is quite intentional from Amazon. With the Amazon Prime (TM) subscription they offer now, they guarantee 2 day shipping on just about anything. If this program is doing well it means most of their resources will have to be devoted to making sure those orders are processed on time. Also, they have every incentive in the world to MAKE SURE regular orders are processed slowly. This will provide, shall we say, “encouragement” for us semi regular shoppers to order the faster methods of shipping or become Amazon Prime members… What are your experiences?