Pass By Iterator

Pass by iterator is not a new concept, but one that we are going to perhaps give a new name to today and propose as a standard for normal usage. If you take for example the normal way of passing around standard containers:

Ex Astris Release 2008-05-17 Available

Ex Astris 2008-05-15 snapshot is now available. The economy was corrected from the previous release. A simple supply/demand model is used for determining the value of goods and the price is then negotiated based on the player’s “Negotiation” skill. Also, there are Ubuntu and MacOS binaries available for download with this release.

Ex Astris Release 2008-05-15 Available

Ex Astris 2008-05-15 snapshot is now available. There are many changes to the organization of the code to make it a little more maintainable as well as basic game play features added including warping between planets and buying and selling of goods and refueling your vehicle.

Top 5 Myths About C++

We’ve now completed 5 articles in the “Nobody Understands C++” series so here we are going to recap the misconceptions we have covered.

Nobody Understands C++: Part 5: Template Code Bloat

On occasion you will read or hear someone talking about C++ templates causing code bloat. I was thinking about it the other day and thought to myself, “self, if the code does exactly the same thing then the compiled code cannot really be any bigger, can it?” Here are the test cases presented, first without the use of templates, second with the use of templates. Exactly the same functionality and exactly the same code output:

Pseudo Random Number Generator Quality

For those who do not know, most random number generation on a computer is accomplished via a pseudo-random sequence generator.

Ex Astris Release 2008-04-29 Available

The next release of Ex Astris is available from the googlecode project. Changes:

Christian Open Source Programming

Maemo Game Creation Challenge 4

The results of the 7 hour challenge have been posted the google code project page. Currently the code should compile on any gtkmm supported platform.

Maemo Game Creation Challenge 3

Another 1.75 hours down. The days has in fact been very fragmented, but as I see it I still have 1.25 hours left in the initial challenge. The basic game play element of traveling has been implemented, but I don’t have any UI as of yet. My plan is to take and modify the “radar” example from the gtkmm code and make it display my galaxy map. This should get me a start to graphical game play elements.