Note: SwigSword now available, along with source for the projects that used it.

I recently shut down my website which was used for Christian open source project hosting. This was due to several factors but the single event that caused me to shut it down when I did was a server problem with my old host. I’ve since moved to a new host which does not allow me the flexibility to run a source control server, so shutting down the website was a necessity.

That is, without spending more money and effort than I was willing to move to a service that would continue to allow me to run the source site. Another reason I was willing to shut down the site is that I noticed that the google code project provides the level of integration between blogging, wiki and source control that I was unable to provide. It is much faster, lighter and more stable than sourceforge (the problems with sourceforge was one reason I opened my site in the first place). I can tell from the google searches reaching my site that there is still some interest in Christian Programming, so I’ll continue to make information available here.

If you are aware of Christian (or non-profit) software that needs to be written, but don’t have the skills to, use the contact us link at the top of the page and we’ll try and get the project started. If you know of any software that used to be hosted on the site that you are missing, let me know and I’ll get the software hosted again on googlecode.

Action Item Anyone who is interested in starting a Christian open source project should go to googlecode, create your project and tag it with “Christian” (examples). Then, come back here and link to your newly created project with a comment!