C++ Weekly - Ep 52 - C++ To C Compilation

In this episode we play with llvm-cbe, the C back-end for LLVM, which allows us to essentially compile C++ code into C code.

C++ Weekly - Ep 51 - Advanced Stateful Lambdas

In this episode we try to see just how far we can take the idea of a “stateful lambda” by building one that can be manipulated and interacted with from the caller side.

C++ Weekly - Ep 50 - Inheriting Lambdas vs Generic Lambdas

Now that we know why we would inherit lambdas, and merge them into one implementation (to make a visitor, for instance), how and why does this compare to using a generic lambda? What advantage does one have over the other?

C++ Weekly - Ep 49 - Why Inherit From Lambdas?

What is the practical application of for inheriting from lambdas in C++?

C++ Weekly SE - Why 0xFFFFFFFF == 1

Understanding integeral literal sizing and binary arithmetic rules in C and C++.

C++ Weekly - Ep 48 - C++17's Variadic `using`

In this episode I build from episode 40’s discussion on inheriting lambdas and show how several C++17 features (including variadic using declarations) can be combined to create a succinct merging of lambdas.

C++ Weekly - Ep 47 - My Visual C++ Pet Peeve

Last episode I showed you why you should be taking Visual C++ seriously. This episode I show you my personal pet peeve with Visual Studio that has caused many of my portability issues with cross platform development.

C++ Weekly - Ep 46 - Start Using Visual C++

In this episode I demonstrate why you should take Visual C++ seriously and make it a part of your automated build environment.

C++ Weekly - Ep 45 - Compile Time Maze Generator (and Solver)

In this episode I demonstrate how to build a random maze generator (and solver) that can be executed at compile time with constexpr.

C++ Weekly - Ep 44 - constexpr Compile Time Random

In this episode I demonstrate a constexpr enabled random number generator. I then it to generate a different random number sequence each time it is compiled.