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This website is dormant, but not dead. I don’t post updates here because there are better ways to follow the content that I create.

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C++ Weekly - Ep 61 - Storage Duration with Lambdas

Another way that one might create a stateful lambda in C++11 by manipulating the storage duration of the variables in the lambda.

C++ Weekly - Ep 60 - std::quoted

std::quoted - probably one of the most overlooked parts of the standard library.

C++ Weekly - Ep 59 - Negative Cost Embedded C++ - Part 2

I continue my series on embedded C++ with an example of how we can merge register accesses and save a few more bytes.

C++ Weekly - Ep 58 - Negative Cost Embedded C++ - Part 1

I continue my series on embedded C++ with an example of how templates and constexpr can provide flexibility while reducing the compile size and increasing performance.

C++ Weekly - Ep 57 - Dissecting An Optimization

In this episode I dissect an optimization that’s unique to Clang.

C++ Weekly - Ep 56 - Zero Cost Embedded C++ - Part 3

We conclude the first part of our series on the MSP430.

C++ Weekly - Ep 55 - Zero Cost Embedded C++ - Part 2

We continue our series on the MSP430 with C++.

C++ Weekly - Ep 54 - Zero Cost Embedded C++ - Part 1

In this episode we get set up with using the latest C++ features to program a chip which has only 2KiB of flash and 128Bytes of RAM available.

C++ Weekly - Ep 53 - Gotos Are Everywhere

In this episode I break down how some C++ features are defined in terms of goto, so we are essentially using goto throughout our code.