Swig Starter Kit 0.0.1

I just put up the first release of a new project, Swig Starter Kit, on google code.

Creating a Panorama with Hugin

This topic has been covered many times before on other websites, but I thought I would give it a shot here too. With the latest version of Hugin creating a panorama is almost stupid simple. First, you choose the selection of images that you want to stitch together. Here is the list that I chose:

A Commodore Notebook?

Intro I recently came across this article about using the Commodore 64 (the most popular model of computer ever produced) in education and the follow up article that suggests the possibility of a Commodore notebook. When I read those articles I was reminded of two things. I remembered having a dream around 5th grade of having a sub notebook C64. Probably the closest thing that existed at the time was the Apple Powerbook 100, which I don’t ever recall seeing. The second thing that I remembered was that the first time I saw an Eee 2G my very first thought was “this needs to be running a C64 emulator.” Now that Best Buy has released a 9” Eee with a 1.6Ghz CPU at $280, the dream of the ultra portable C64 is easily attainable.

Mexican Fajita Style Chicken Dish

And now for something completely different… A friend requested this recipe after staying with us for a night, so I thought I would put it up here. Disclaimer: I never cook to a recipe, so this is slightly different each time I make it. See the list of options at the bottom to see different variations I have made. Ingredients

Why is ++i faster than i++ in C++?

I’ve heard this question come up a few times in C++ programming circles, “Why is ++i faster/better than i++?”

Do You Know What ++i And i++ Really Do?

An interviewer who thinks he is being clever might present you with a code sample like the following and ask you what the output would be:

C++ Loop Optimization: Part 3: Dynamic List Generation

I felt like this topic deserved one more article. (See part 1 and part 2 for the background.)

Pinheads Is Now an Award Winning Game

I thought I would take a moment to mention that Pinheads: Everything You Need is now an award winning game. Pinheads was the first game created with the EmptyCrate Game Engine. [img_assist nid=326 title=Pinheads Screenshot desc= link=url url=http://game.emptycrate.com/node/30 align=center width=320 height=240] Pinheads was created for the Christian Developers Network Speedgame 2008 Competition in August 2008. The winners were announced at the end of August, but I have not seen any websites acknowledge the end of the competition. For its part, Pinheads won 2nd prize in the “Creativity” category.

C++ Loop Optimization: Part 2

After the first article on loop optimization my cousin pointed out to me that in some cases, tail recursion can actually be faster then loops in C with the help of tail recursion elimination.

EmptyCreate Game Engine Release 4

The latest release of the EmptyCrate Game Engine was made last night. Changes include: