Folds (ish) In C++11

It is possible to perform some form of the variadic folds that are coming in C++17 with the C++11 and C++14 compilers that we have available today by using just a little bit of creativity.

C++ Weekly - Ep10 Variadic Expansion Wrap-Up

In this episode Jason wraps up what we’ve learned so far about variadic templates and shows some additional techniques to consider.

C++ Weekly - Ep9 std::future Quick-Start

In this episode Jason gives a very fast quick-start to what std::future is and how to use std::async to run a function in another thread.

C++ Weekly - Ep8 C++ Name Demangling

In this episode Jason discusses some of what C++ name mangling is, and how to demangle names at runtime.

C++ Weekly - Ep7 Stop Using std::endl

In this episode Jason quickly tries to convince you to stop using std::endl.

C++ Weekly - Ep6 Intro To Variadic Templates

In this episode I give a brief introduction to C++ variadic templates and cover some compile time and runtime performance considerations.

C++ Weekly - Ep5 Intro To ChaiScript

C++ Weekly - Ep4 Variadic Template Refactor

So You Want to Embed A Scripting Language in Your Application

Note: this article was originally written in 2005. I’m importing some missed content into my new site and this is one of those articles. Much of the information in this article is out of date, but it still has some relevance. To see my personal take on the best way to embed scripting in C++, checkout ChaiScript.

C++ Weekly - Ep3 Intro to clang-tidy