C++ Weekly - Ep 28 C++17's [[fallthrough]] Attribute

Understanding C++17’s new [[fallthrough]] attribute.

C++ Weekly - Ep 27 C++17 Sequence Container Changes

What changes to expect to the sequence containers (for example, std::vector) in the upcoming C++17.

C++ Weekly - Ep 26 Language Features Removed In C++17

C++17 has not only added many new interesting things, it has removed and deprecated a few outdated features as well.

C++ Weekly - Ep 25 C++17's Aggregate Initializations

Continuing coverage of C++17’s new features with new aggregate initialization of base classes.

C++ Weekly - Ep 24 C++17's Structured Bindings

Our continuing series on C++17’s new features with an introduction to C++17’s structured bindings.

C++ Weekly - Ep 23 C++17's __has_include

I continue my series on C++17’s features with the new __has_include functionality.

C++ Weekly - Ep 22 C++17's Nested Namespaces and `std::clamp`

This week I introduce C++17’s nested namespaces and std::clamp library function.

C++ Weekly - Ep 21 C++17's `if` and `switch` Init Statements

This week I introduce C++17’s new support for if and switch init statements.

C++ Weekly - Ep 20 C++17's Fold Expressions - Introduction

This week I introduce C++17’s fold expressions.

C++ Weekly - Ep 19 C++14 For The Commodore 64

Using modern C++ to write extremely efficient high level programs for the Commodore 64.