I’m making good progress on fleshing out the object model that I designed earlier, it, along with the start of the c++ code is available in the CVS server on sourceforge. The project page has a reference to the CVS location.

Design Completed

I’ve now finished the preliminary design of the Crate Game Engine and have started implementing it. There’s now a project page link over on the left as well. Oh, and a sourceforge page for the project too.


Getting the chance to refresh myself in UML and OOD this week while working with Umbrello. I think I have a pretty good model started. I’m getting close to a design that I can start fleshing out. Main components still missing include a class representing the player and some kind of turn system.


Last night I started designing the object model for the Crate Game Engine using Umbrello. It’s an interesting tool, pretty useful for visualizing the design and getting some base code automatically generated. I don’t anticipate spending too many days on the design before I start hacking away at the code.

Pythons and Monkeys and Luas, oh my!

I’ve been investigating scripting langauges to use in the game engine. I’ve narrowed it to three possibilities:

1 Guy. 6 Months. 1 Game.

Now begins the Winter of Code. By March 15th I plan to have written a commercially viable game.