BibleStudy 2.0 alpha Released

BibleStudy 2.0 alpha has been released to the sourceforge project page. Some notes:

Prayer Request

My brother had a son recently, Mateo, who was born 3 months early, at 2 pounds. The little guy is having a hard time, he still has a lot of growing to do. Thank you to anyone who is willing to pray for him. God Bless.


Well, I needed to spend some time working on the Biblestudy application. It’s been a real pain, several problems with wxMozilla, Mozilla, wxWindows, Sword and ReadingPlanner, but I got it all worked out. I have a windows build that works except for some annoying debugging messages from Mozilla.


Well, noone responded to my last blog, so I went ahead and decided to use the expat library. I’ve encapsulated the function of loading an xml file into a “WorldLoader” class. None of this is checked in, but in the next day or two I expect to be able to load a world from an xml file and maybe I can get some other people involved in making games for the fledgling engine.

XML Parsers

The plan moving forward is to allow object trees and scripting to be loaded from XML files. Right now, I’m trying to pick an XML parser. There’s several choices, and they’re all difficult.

Milestone 2 Reached

Milestone 2 has been released, available on sourceforge. This means that a proof of concept hardcoded c++ game is working. Expect a Milestone 2.5 as I add support for conversations and put some objects in the game world. Currently it is just a two player maze game. Everyone wants screenshots! [img_assist fid=10 thumb=1 alt=Maze Milestone 2 caption=Screenshot of Milestone 2 of the Crate Game Engine demo game Maze using the Console Rendering Engine]

Example Game Working

I now have the ConsoleRenderingEngine working and a sample game to go with it. I’m not going to make an official release announcment until I have a better world for the game, probably something with items in it :) All of the source and documentation are available through CVS and the project page on this site.

First Example Game on the Way

A lot of work has gone into the ConsoleRenderingEngine this weekend, which will allow a game to be played from the command line.

More Documentation

I have put more work into the doxygen documentation, and now have an automated script running nightly to update the object model docs. Check them out at CGEDoxygen/index.html.

Documentation Beginning & Thanks!

“Thanks for visiting the site,” to everyone who came because of the anouncement on freshmeat. I’ve started adding doxygen style documentation to the framework in cvs. I’ve also checked in a doxygen configuration file in the docs folder for creating html based documentation.