Swig Wrapper Working

Today I got the Python SWIG wrapper working.

Milestone 3.5 Released

Milestone 3.5 of the Crate Game Engine has been posted on sourceforge and freshmeat.

Why I'm Switching from Slashdot.org to Digg.com

I’ve been trying to keep this site, and my blog, mostly free of personal opinions. However, I really want to comment on a recent change that I have made.

Core Game Engine Functionally Complete

The game engine code is now functionally complete.

Milestone 3 Critiques

Milestone 3 was met with some justified criticisms yesterday that I thought I would address here.

Crate Game Engine: Milestone 3 Released

Milestone 3 has been released. It now includes support for loading XML game files. Please post comments on successess or failures or questions about the file format.

Game Loading

Last night I proved the expat is going to work for me by getting game object models loading. Still missing a few pieces, like loading of actions and connections from the .xml file. I expect in the next day or few to have game loading fully working and be able to release a new version. This time I will also release a windows build to go with it.

wxMozilla / MinGW SDK

I have posted a compiled SDK for developing wxMozilla based applications with the MinGW compiler on the wxMozilla website.

Update on Mateo

The last word that I got from my family last night is that my new premature nephew, Mateo, has started having seizures due to pressure in his brain from bleeding, but otherwise is doing well. Please continue to pray for his healing.

How To Build a wxMozilla Based App in Cygwin/MinGW

What follows is a posting that I made to the wxMozilla-devel mailing list. I promised viewers of this site that I would post info on how to build biblestudy under Cygwin/MinGW, so here it is, please post comments if you have any questions.