Maemo Game Creation Challenge 2

Well, I’ve now had 4 hours of time to work. My Saturday is getting broken up more than I anticipated and it looks like I’ll only get about 5 hours total today. We’ll see.

Maemo Game Creation Challenge

I’m getting ready to start a 7 hour challenge from my cousin to write a Elite style game called Ex Astris today.

Nobody Understands C++: Part 4: Functional Programming

Standard Algorithms Few C++ developers seem to appreciate that the standard C++ library is actually designed around functional programming principles.

Program Code Spell Checking

I had noticed some references lately from Stroustrup (the inventor of c++) about not liking camel casing. He prefers underscores between words in variable names: myFunctionName vs my_function_name. The best reference I can find to this is from Stroustrup’s C++ FAQ page.

Why Lua?

I friend of mine recently asked me what I thought of Lua. It is, after all, the first language that I chose to integrate with the rewrite of the Crate Game Engine. The language itself, the syntax and structure, I am somewhat indifferent about. However, I am interested in it for other reasons:

Server Problems

Due to a series of server mishaps that I will not bother going into right now, this website is now operating on a new server at a new host.

Multithreaded C++: Part 4: Futures and Other Thread Handlers

We’ve covered the “Assembly Language”, “C” and “C++” of the C++ threading world, and now we are going to try and move beyond that.

Thread Safety Locking Strategies

I’m going to cover a thread safety strategy I have been thinking about lately. Let’s look at an example for a typical “lock the variables as you use them” approach:

C++ Mutiple Dispatch!

In my last posting about C++ Multiple Dispatch I wondered if it was really any different than function overloading. I now appreciate that it is something that needs to occur at runtime, not compile time.

C++ Multiple Dispatch?

I clearly must be missing something. I just noticed this article on the O’Reilly ONLamp blog, discussing multiple dispatch in Perl. The example code given: