Nobody Understands C++: Part 9: Error Handling

I was recently at a talk where the speaker was discussing the history of C++. He argued that one problem with C++ was that its design requirements included backward compatibility with C code, and one fallout of this was the requirement to support all previous types of error handling as well as adding exceptions. That is, C++ supports:

Nobody Understands C++: Part 8: Operator Overloading

There has been much discussion over the years about the usefulness of operator overloading in C++ as well as the ability to get it right.

iPhone Puzzle Game - In a Weekend

A couple of weekends ago I decided to borrow a friend’s Mac and learn how to do some iPhone development. The result of that weekend’s work was a small puzzle game.

Understanding the ChaiScript clone Function

In ChaiScript variable assignments create a copy of the object being assigned.

ChaiDraw: Programming Toy and Chaiscript Use Case

I have been working for the past few weeks on ChaiDraw. ChaiDraw is an application that’s both meant as an educational toy and as a showcase for how to effectively use ChaiScript in your application.

Nanobots Review Posted

My second adventure game review was published at Adventure Gamers.

ChaiScript Performance Updates

ChaiScript is a trivially easy to use scripting language designed for integration with C++. I have been working on it with Jon for the past several months now, and we have reached the point of doing performance optimizations and minor bug fixes.

ChaiScript: Easy C++ Scripting

Jon and I released the first release of ChaiScript earlier today. ChaiScript is designed to make it trivially easy to use scripting in your C++ application and to expose your C++ to the scripting system.

Online C++ Resources

I often mention books that I use as resources, but rarely websites. It seems, on average, that online C++ resources are lacking. However, there are a few that I have found that provide quite valuable insight.

Using colorgcc in Ubuntu (and other Linux distributions)

colorgcc is an awesome little tool for colorizing the output of gcc and g++, making compiler errors and warnings much easier to spot.