In case you find yourself asking where I get the stuff from that I blog about and wondering if I’m just making stuff up; many of the “Nobody Understands C++” articles on this website are inspired by principles found in the book “C++ Coding Standards” by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu.

The book is a collection of items from previous books that the pair has worked on together. As such, if you do not own any of the previous books this one makes a great addition to your library. The book covers 101 best practices guidelines for your C++ code. It does not cover things like indentation level and style of comments, the things that we have all come to consider to be part and parcel with a standards document. In fact, it explicitly avoids talking about those things and says that they should be internally consistent within each file.

“C++ Coding Standards” covers topics on program design, object lifetime management, namespaces, generic programming (templates) and the standard library.