If you’re a fan of retro gaming in general and Sierra adventure games specifically, like I am, you might appreciate the following.

I purchased the Quest for Glory Anthology (I - IV) and Quest for Glory V around 1998, when they were new. The Quest for Glory series is one of the few adventure games with RPG elements which allows you to create a character in one game and carry it forward from game to game. For the past 12 years I’ve been intending to play start to finish through all 5 games. Well, I finally started down that road and am currently about 1/2 of the way through QFGIII. There have been some minor hiccups in getting DOSBox configured properly to play the games, but nothing major.

I’ve been having a blast with them.

It turns out I’m not the only one who still enjoys these games. A rather shocking amount of work has gone into keeping these games alive on current computers.

  • The Sierra Help Pages has an extensive collection of updated installers to keep your sierra games running on even 64bit Windows 7 natively (if the game was released for Windows) or through DOSBox. They also have third party patches that fix bugs that Sierra never got around to fixing.

  • Quest for more Glory has a surprisingly active forum to this day. It hosts regular conversations about the Quest for Glory series with people sharing tips for running the games and providing help to new players.

Finally, the official Ken Williams (founder of Sierra) website hosts a wide collection of Sierra data. They have all of the copy protection game sheets that were used. They also have hint books for most of Sierra’s games, not to mention a huge collection of memorabilia that a fan could get lost in.

Oh, and I almost forgot the fan remake of QFGII. This well done tribute to the original is impressive. The game is spot on to the original (but with updated graphics and audio) and even allows you to import your character from QFGI and export it to QFGIII. It also features a unique interface that combines the best of the click-through conversation tree and the original game’s text interface for conversation.