We recently covered some options for recovery of Windows XP on a netbook. This past week, I uninstalled Linux from my dual boot Ubuntu/Vista HTPC and needed to reformat my master boot record to get Vista booting again. Fortunately, I did have my Vista install CD available and I was able to use it to boot into the Vista “recovery center,” which allowed me to format the master boot record and install the Windows boot loader. While searching for information regarding the Vista Recovery Center, I came across this website which has info on downloading a Vista Recovery Disc that contains only the Recovery Center, and no installation files.

Data Recovery

Lifehacker has covered the best data recovery tools available. This fits in with my quest to make sure I have recovery tools on hand the next time I have a problem. Two of the tools covered stood out to me; I haven’t tried either of them yet:

  • Test Disk: GPL’d software that can fix various filesystem problems on FAT/NTFS/ext as well has undelete files on all there filesystems.
  • Recuva: Windows based GUI tool for undeleting of files.