The first release of the new EmptyCrate Game Engine was just released.

It’s name is confusingly similar to the Crate Game Engine of previous releases, but no one really noticed the old engine, so I’m not too concerned about that. EmptyCrate Game Engine allows for the creation of 1st Person 2d Adventure games using a Drupal module. Once the game is written it is rendered using a Flash 9 application embedded in the Drupal page. Making the adventure game instantly available to virtually anyone with an internet enabled device.

The engine represents the culmination of several years of ideas which finally were able to come together with the right combination of technologies. The realized goal was to make adventure games so accessible and easy to write that it would be possible to create an episodic game which is updated several times a week. Similar to a webcomic. The first game to be written using this technology is Pinheads: Everything You Need. This first “Pinheads” game is appropriate for young children and is an entry in this years Christian Developers Network Speedgame Event.

Please check out existing games at: and the project code page at: Also, you are free to create a user account and create new games with existing or new content at if you agree to the site terms. All game content at is licensed under Creative Commons licenses. Any content licensed with a license which allows derivatives works is instantly available to other game developers to use in their own games. A fairly extensive F.A.Q. is already online for aspiring game developers.