I’ve been a little frustrated with the lack of organization in the Christian open source community so I have set up a site where we can collaborate and share information. I’ve mentioned some about this site lately but I consider it live now, all the pieces that I want in place are now in place. The only thing left is to provide a convienient way for church and organizations to submit project requests. Currently, if you sign up for an account, you can host an opensource project with subversion access, wiki space, a place to keep a blog, a download area and mailing lists. I’m now on a mission to get the fact that this site exists out there for everyone to find out about it. It can only be useful if churches and church IT people find out about it and can have thier input in what is needed. Of course, we need developers too. Work is currently underway to come up with requirements for and design the currently planned projects. Currently, we have planned a suite of applications, dubbed: Suite-C. Suite-C consists of:

  • Suite-C Study: A bible reading application that is designed to be super simple to use but have the tools of a full featured bible study application. I like to think of it as “Deceptively Simple”
  • Suite-C People: A church membership database application. The desired features of this application is huge, things like event management with accounting and website integration
  • Suite-C Projector: A slideshow manager/projector for handling worship services, announcements, displaying of bible verses.

Information is available on the wiki and source pages.