Are You Using make_shared Yet?

Recently, while watching the GoingNative conference, I learned about the new std::shared_ptr helper function std::make_shared.

Using Non-Standard Resolutions with VirtualBox RDP

I like to connect to Virtual Box guest operating systems remotely over RDP connections. This generally works well except if I connect from my 1280x720 laptop to a Windows guest. In this case the Windows guest will tend to resize to a “standard” resolution that fits inside of the 1280x720, which is 800x600.

Trigraphs, Digraphs and Alternative Tokens

Quick, which language is the following code written in?

Start Using C++11 Now

Every major platform and compiler now supports some aspect of the new C++ standard accepted in 2011. This means it is currently possible to write code that uses some of C++11 while maintaining cross-platform compatibility. Why should you care?

Double vs. Float, Which is Better?

Neither C++ Coding Standards nor Effective C++ addresses the question of which float point type is best to use and in what situations. There are three floating point types in C and C++:

C++11: Decltype

decltype is a type specifier introduced in C++11. It behaves like a function that evaluates to the type of an object at compile time. This article is helping provide some more background information necessary for the more meatier C++11 articles to come.

C++ Partial Specialization of Templates

In this article we are going to introduce the concept of C++ Template Partial Specialization. This is meant to be just a primer on the topic and not exhaustive. The examples here will be used and referenced in later articles. A series of discussions about C++11, now that the language has been finalized, will be coming shortly. In C++ a template class such as this:

Nobody Understands C++: Part 11: Including Me (aka, Provide Consistent Semantics)

I just spent the better part of the day debugging an insidious little bug. It really shouldn’t have taken that long… I even had unit tests in place that covered the code in question! Right!?

Retro Sierra Gaming

If you’re a fan of retro gaming in general and Sierra adventure games specifically, like I am, you might appreciate the following.

Microsoft's Failing Support For C++

Microsoft recently posted a video on Channel 9 and their blogs describing the upcoming work they have planned for C++. The abstract of the video tries to point out Microsoft’s unfailing devotion to C++ development: