C++11: Decltype

decltype is a type specifier introduced in C++11. It behaves like a function that evaluates to the type of an object at compile time. This article is helping provide some more background information necessary for the more meatier C++11 articles to come.

C++ Partial Specialization of Templates

In this article we are going to introduce the concept of C++ Template Partial Specialization. This is meant to be just a primer on the topic and not exhaustive. The examples here will be used and referenced in later articles. A series of discussions about C++11, now that the language has been finalized, will be coming shortly. In C++ a template class such as this:

Nobody Understands C++: Part 11: Including Me (aka, Provide Consistent Semantics)

I just spent the better part of the day debugging an insidious little bug. It really shouldn’t have taken that long… I even had unit tests in place that covered the code in question! Right!?

Retro Sierra Gaming

If you’re a fan of retro gaming in general and Sierra adventure games specifically, like I am, you might appreciate the following.

Microsoft's Failing Support For C++

Microsoft recently posted a video on Channel 9 and their blogs describing the upcoming work they have planned for C++. The abstract of the video tries to point out Microsoft’s unfailing devotion to C++ development:


Considering the number of articles and polls we come across asking if C++ is dying or dead combined with the decrease in C++ job posting I have personally noticed, C++ sure is alive and well in the AI frontier. C++ takes or ties the top 27 places at the 2010 Google AI Challenge

How To Fix Everything That's Wrong With Your Acer Aspire One

I have an AOA 150 (ZG5) Acer Aspire One. I’ve had it for a little over one year now and have loved the portability. However, since first getting it, I’ve been plagued with: instability, wireless data errors, wireless disconnection errors and the inability to sleep or hibernate in Windows and Linux. The problems have not been constant, but have certainly caused a good deal of frustration.

More Netbook Backup and Recovery Options

We previously covered options for backup and recovery on systems with no CDROM drive. I’ve since moved my netbook to Windows 7 and have come across a few more options.

Nobody Understands C++: Part 10: C++ Is Not an Object Oriented Programming Language

In the context of the rest of the Nobody Understands C++ series, I feel like this one is redundant. But it seems like it needs to be said. C++ is not an object oriented programming language. C++ is a multi-paradigm language that supports most of the major programming paradigms that have been widely accepted. Specifically, C++ supports:

C++0x Final Committee Draft

As others have pointed out, the Final Committee Draft (FCD) of the next C++ standard is now available for anyone to download.