C++ Weekly - Ep 16 Avoiding `std::bind`

Last week we discussed how to use std::bind. this week we discuss why you should never use std::bind

C++ Weekly - Ep 15 Using `std::bind`

Introduction to std::bind from C++11 and how it can be used.

How The Commodore 64 Memory Map Worked

I introduce the C64 memory map by way of tracing the circuits used to activate the VIC-II for reads and writes.

C++ Weekly - Ep 14 Standard Library Gems: `next` and `exchange`

Two somewhat obscure and surprisingly helpful C++ standard library functions.

C++ Weekly - Ep13 Fibonacci: You're Doing It Wrong

Many of the different ways you might implement a Fibonacci sequence in C++ plus one you’ve probably never considered.

C++ Weekly - Ep12 C++17's std::any

In this episode I introduce std::any from the upcoming proposed C++17 standard.

C++ Weekly - Ep11 std::future Part 2

In this episode I correct some of the details of the “std::future Quick Start” episode while expanding on the info provided.

Folds (ish) In C++11

It is possible to perform some form of the variadic folds that are coming in C++17 with the C++11 and C++14 compilers that we have available today by using just a little bit of creativity.

C++ Weekly - Ep10 Variadic Expansion Wrap-Up

In this episode Jason wraps up what we’ve learned so far about variadic templates and shows some additional techniques to consider.

C++ Weekly - Ep9 std::future Quick-Start

In this episode Jason gives a very fast quick-start to what std::future is and how to use std::async to run a function in another thread.