Program Code Spell Checking

I had noticed some references lately from Stroustrup (the inventor of c++) about not liking camel casing. He prefers underscores between words in variable names: myFunctionName vs my_function_name. The best reference I can find to this is from Stroustrup’s C++ FAQ page.

Why Lua?

I friend of mine recently asked me what I thought of Lua. It is, after all, the first language that I chose to integrate with the rewrite of the Crate Game Engine. The language itself, the syntax and structure, I am somewhat indifferent about. However, I am interested in it for other reasons:

Server Problems

Due to a series of server mishaps that I will not bother going into right now, this website is now operating on a new server at a new host.

Multithreaded C++: Part 4: Futures and Other Thread Handlers

We’ve covered the “Assembly Language”, “C” and “C++” of the C++ threading world, and now we are going to try and move beyond that.

Thread Safety Locking Strategies

I’m going to cover a thread safety strategy I have been thinking about lately. Let’s look at an example for a typical “lock the variables as you use them” approach:

C++ Mutiple Dispatch!

In my last posting about C++ Multiple Dispatch I wondered if it was really any different than function overloading. I now appreciate that it is something that needs to occur at runtime, not compile time.

C++ Multiple Dispatch?

I clearly must be missing something. I just noticed this article on the O’Reilly ONLamp blog, discussing multiple dispatch in Perl. The example code given:

Nokia N800 Essential Software

I’ve now had the N800 for two weeks and would like to share some lessons learned.

Crate Game Engine snapshot-20080406 Release

Crate Game Engine snapshot-20080406 was just released. Changes:

Nobody Understands C++: Part 3: Templates

C++ templates is a huge topic that we will not fully cover here. While we have covered templates in the past, this article will cover the very basics and the reasons why we would want to use templates.