C++ Weekly - Ep 45 - Compile Time Maze Generator (and Solver)

In this episode I demonstrate how to build a random maze generator (and solver) that can be executed at compile time with constexpr.

C++ Weekly - Ep 44 - constexpr Compile Time Random

In this episode I demonstrate a constexpr enabled random number generator. I then it to generate a different random number sequence each time it is compiled.

C++ Weekly - Ep 43 - Stack Elision?

Is stack elision a thing? What would that imply if it were?

C++ Weekly - Ep 42 - Clang's Heap Elision

In this episode I explore Clang’s ability to elide heap operations.

C++ Weekly - Ep 41 - C++17's constexpr Lambda Support

In this episode I demonstrate how C++17’s support for lambdas in a constexpr context can clean up many constexpr use cases.

C++ Weekly - Ep 40 - Inheriting From Lambdas

In this episode I discuss how (and why) you can inherit from a lambda function along with possible use cases.

C++ Weekly - Ep 39 - C++17's Deduction Guides

C++17’s automatic class template deduction feature brings with it a new sub-feature called “deduction guides” which are used to help the compiler with class template type deduction. I give examples of what they are and how they are used in this episode.

C++ Weekly - Ep 38 - C++17's Class Template Type Deduction

Experimenting with C++17’s class template argument type deduction feature and learning what its limitations are.

C++ Weekly - Ep 37 Stateful Lambdas

Creating stateful lambdas using capture expressions in C++14.

C++ Weekly - Ep 36 Reading Assembly Language - Part 3

Part 3 of our basic introduction to understanding the assembly output from your compiler. In this episode we do some reverse engineering of other non-Intel architectures.