Mexican Fajita Style Chicken Dish

And now for something completely different… A friend requested this recipe after staying with us for a night, so I thought I would put it up here. Disclaimer: I never cook to a recipe, so this is slightly different each time I make it. See the list of options at the bottom to see different variations I have made. Ingredients

Why is ++i faster than i++ in C++?

I’ve heard this question come up a few times in C++ programming circles, “Why is ++i faster/better than i++?”

Do You Know What ++i And i++ Really Do?

An interviewer who thinks he is being clever might present you with a code sample like the following and ask you what the output would be:

C++ Loop Optimization: Part 3: Dynamic List Generation

I felt like this topic deserved one more article. (See part 1 and part 2 for the background.)

Pinheads Is Now an Award Winning Game

I thought I would take a moment to mention that Pinheads: Everything You Need is now an award winning game. Pinheads was the first game created with the EmptyCrate Game Engine. [img_assist nid=326 title=Pinheads Screenshot desc= link=url url= align=center width=320 height=240] Pinheads was created for the Christian Developers Network Speedgame 2008 Competition in August 2008. The winners were announced at the end of August, but I have not seen any websites acknowledge the end of the competition. For its part, Pinheads won 2nd prize in the “Creativity” category.

C++ Loop Optimization: Part 2

After the first article on loop optimization my cousin pointed out to me that in some cases, tail recursion can actually be faster then loops in C with the help of tail recursion elimination.

EmptyCreate Game Engine Release 4

The latest release of the EmptyCrate Game Engine was made last night. Changes include:

C++ Loop Optimization

I recently had a friend point out to me that your typical loop seen in every day code has minor inefficiencies in it which can add up to a good amount of time being wasted. I agreed with him, so I set out to write an article on how to optimize your C++ loops.

Update - Feedburner In Use

I’ve decided to start putting Google feedproxy + feed burner to use. Because I’m now adding ads to my RSS feeds, I’m also putting the full article text in the feed, so that you no longer have to click on “read more” to read the rest of the article outside of your reader. I hope this works out well, please leave a comment if anything is broken.

Traveling with a Nokia Internet Tablet

In 2006 we took a three week trip to Europe. I carried an Averatec 3270 notebook for those three weeks. The notebook was light (4.5lbs) and portable (only 12.1”) but it was still too much for a backpacking trip.