OpenSolaris 2008.11 Mini Review

I just installed OpenSolaris 2008.11 on VirtualBox 2.0.6. My initial impression is that it is a bit better than using the commercial Solaris, but it’s still no Linux.

My Blog: My Living Resume

The article “10 Essential Steps to Take BEFORE You’re Laid Off” at Get Rich Slowly has what seems to be set of great tips. I might be biased, however, because I’m already doing most of these tips. Tip number 3 stands out:

Dr. Dobb, Where Art Thou?

Even though I know that Dr. Dobb was never a real person, it seems like he needs to work on his magazine. For as long as I can remember Dr. Dobb’s journal has been considered to be the premier programming magazine. As a kid, learning to program, I wished that I could understand what was in the magazine. As a college student, I wished that I could afford to buy it. As a professional software engineer now, I am eligible for a free subscription to the magazine, which I have been receiving for a little over a year now. [img_assist nid=348 title=Dr. Dobb’s #416 link=popup align=right width=120]

Swig Starter Kit 0.0.3 Released - New Language Support

Release 0.0.3 of Swig Starter Kit was just released. This release adds support for the following languages:

Cruel and Unusual C++ Interview Questions

I do not, contrary to the opinions of some (rather weepy) individuals, ask interview questions like, “name the types of C++ inheritance” then flog the interviewee for saying “virtual, non-virtual, single, multiple,” because I was expecting “public, private, protected.” Indeed, it’s been more than two years since I last had the opportunity to interview, but when I did, I made sure of two things:

Automatically Setting Project Version Based on SVN Revision

While working on a project at work I decided that the most accurate way of monitoring deployed versions of my software would be to make the version number set to the SVN repository revision. After a couple of days trying to get it to work on my own, I came across the following post: Which contains the snippet:

Swig Starter Kit 0.0.2

Release 0.0.2 of Swig Starter Kit was just released. This release sees the addition of template usage examples, including custom function templates and STL usage. Using a SWIG template declaration we are able to instantiate a specific template and use it from our script code.

Swig Starter Kit 0.0.1

I just put up the first release of a new project, Swig Starter Kit, on google code.

Creating a Panorama with Hugin

This topic has been covered many times before on other websites, but I thought I would give it a shot here too. With the latest version of Hugin creating a panorama is almost stupid simple. First, you choose the selection of images that you want to stitch together. Here is the list that I chose:

A Commodore Notebook?

Intro I recently came across this article about using the Commodore 64 (the most popular model of computer ever produced) in education and the follow up article that suggests the possibility of a Commodore notebook. When I read those articles I was reminded of two things. I remembered having a dream around 5th grade of having a sub notebook C64. Probably the closest thing that existed at the time was the Apple Powerbook 100, which I don’t ever recall seeing. The second thing that I remembered was that the first time I saw an Eee 2G my very first thought was “this needs to be running a C64 emulator.” Now that Best Buy has released a 9” Eee with a 1.6Ghz CPU at $280, the dream of the ultra portable C64 is easily attainable.