SwigSword Project Recreated

By request I have made available the latest snapshots of the SwigSword project (SWORD library with enhanced SWIG bindings) and the projects that made use of it: SwordSharp and SharpCSword. All 3 of these files are now hosted on googlecode. They were initially hosted on source.emptycrate.com before I had to take that site down.

Haskell Pattern Matching and Network CIDR's

I was recently faced with the following code which is simple but provided the perfect example to practice some Haskell.

Real World Haskell: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Real World Haskell is “Defining Types, Streamlining Functions.”

EmptyCreate Game Engine Release 5

Release 5 of the EmptyCrate Game Engine was just posted. This release addresses a single bug: the drupal Creative Commons Lite 6.x-1.2 module has a function name change that breaks the EmptyCrate Game Engine. As always, check out game.emptycrate.com for examples.

Javascript Mandelbrot Browser

I was inspired by my recent attempt at creating a parallel Mandelbrot generator for Minnow to learn some javascript and make a javascript version of it. Here is an actual example of this code in use. The javascript itself is pretty simple:

Real World Haskell: Chapters 1-2

Chapter 1 of Real World Haskell covers the most basic aspects of the language, such as common operators and operator precedence and gives some overviews of aspects of the language.

Real World Haskell

The book Real World Haskell is receiving some amazing reviews on Amazon, with comments like

Nobody Understands C++: Part 7: C++ Coding Standards

In case you find yourself asking where I get the stuff from that I blog about and wondering if I’m just making stuff up; many of the “Nobody Understands C++” articles on this website are inspired by principles found in the book “C++ Coding Standards” by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu.

Nobody Understands C++: Part 6: Are You Still Using Pointers?

It is best to avoid using pointers in C++ as much as possible. The use of pointers can lead to confusion of ownership which can directly or indirectly lead to memory leaks. Even if object ownership is well managed simple (and difficult to find) bugs can also lead to memory leaks.

New Programming Language: Minnow

The second alpha of the Minnow programming language was released recently. Minnow is a new programming language designed around the idea of actors and using a new datastructure building paradigm called ligomorphism.