Real World Haskell: Chapters 1-2

Chapter 1 of Real World Haskell covers the most basic aspects of the language, such as common operators and operator precedence and gives some overviews of aspects of the language.

Real World Haskell

The book Real World Haskell is receiving some amazing reviews on Amazon, with comments like

Nobody Understands C++: Part 7: C++ Coding Standards

In case you find yourself asking where I get the stuff from that I blog about and wondering if I’m just making stuff up; many of the “Nobody Understands C++” articles on this website are inspired by principles found in the book “C++ Coding Standards” by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu.

Nobody Understands C++: Part 6: Are You Still Using Pointers?

It is best to avoid using pointers in C++ as much as possible. The use of pointers can lead to confusion of ownership which can directly or indirectly lead to memory leaks. Even if object ownership is well managed simple (and difficult to find) bugs can also lead to memory leaks.

New Programming Language: Minnow

The second alpha of the Minnow programming language was released recently. Minnow is a new programming language designed around the idea of actors and using a new datastructure building paradigm called ligomorphism.

OpenSolaris 2008.11 Mini Review

I just installed OpenSolaris 2008.11 on VirtualBox 2.0.6. My initial impression is that it is a bit better than using the commercial Solaris, but it’s still no Linux.

My Blog: My Living Resume

The article “10 Essential Steps to Take BEFORE You’re Laid Off” at Get Rich Slowly has what seems to be set of great tips. I might be biased, however, because I’m already doing most of these tips. Tip number 3 stands out:

Dr. Dobb, Where Art Thou?

Even though I know that Dr. Dobb was never a real person, it seems like he needs to work on his magazine. For as long as I can remember Dr. Dobb’s journal has been considered to be the premier programming magazine. As a kid, learning to program, I wished that I could understand what was in the magazine. As a college student, I wished that I could afford to buy it. As a professional software engineer now, I am eligible for a free subscription to the magazine, which I have been receiving for a little over a year now. [img_assist nid=348 title=Dr. Dobb’s #416 link=popup align=right width=120]

Swig Starter Kit 0.0.3 Released - New Language Support

Release 0.0.3 of Swig Starter Kit was just released. This release adds support for the following languages:

Cruel and Unusual C++ Interview Questions

I do not, contrary to the opinions of some (rather weepy) individuals, ask interview questions like, “name the types of C++ inheritance” then flog the interviewee for saying “virtual, non-virtual, single, multiple,” because I was expecting “public, private, protected.” Indeed, it’s been more than two years since I last had the opportunity to interview, but when I did, I made sure of two things: